Android ICS update leads to issues in Development

Hello All,

This is a very important blog post to make. Recently we needed the Android 4.0 ICS versions for development as well as testing. So we downloaded the latest version of eclipse  i.e. 3.7.2 and downloaded the Android latest SDKs too.
After this update i opened my Workspace to continue with my development but found series of issues.

Firstly, the issues were related to the update of Android Developer Tools version to 19. The new version had some new tool called as Lint error checking . This can be configured in the Eclipse Window -> Preferences -> Android -> Lint error checking. By default it was ON. Hence i was not able to create my application build. Because it showed me various errors in the code. Actually it could be called as warnings because i had mentioned some variables in the xml files which i was not using later. It asked me to resolve all of them. Due to time constraint i set the Lint error checking to OFF and successfully created the builds in my workspace.
Note : Even after resolving the errors in the xml files didnt remove the red color error bubbles from the file. Then i selected all the code in the xml file(Cntrl + A) and pressed DELETE and then reverted back using Cntrl + Z. Now the error bubbles are gone. I dont know how it happened.

Second issue came when i created my build and installed in a device. Guess what happened. As soon as i click  the app icon, it crashed. I checked the error and it returned a very simple report saying

“java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to instantiate activity ComponentInfo{}: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: in loader dalvik.system.PathClassLoader[/system/framework/]”

Well i was using some jar files and library files. The way how i linked these jar files with my app was working good for me before the ICS update. But after the ICS update the ADT had some new issues related to jar files inclusion. After an exhaustive search on Google i came across the following blog and this exactly solved the problem for me.

Hope this solves the issue for others too.



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